NatWest Select Bank Account 2 reviews

Published on 5 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

Natwest Select Bank Account makes money matters easy enough to handle. This is simply because, the account applying customers are entitled to enjoy the privilege of free banking. This would mean one is capable of handling a current select account without having to pay for it on a monthly basis. Account holders are likewise allowed to issue overdrafts.

The NatWest account further enables account users to access their funds through visa debit card. Keeping in mind the security regulations, these cards are password protected and can be operated from world wide locations. In addition to this, these can be activated through online banking procedures. The account further enables users to manage their direct debit payments and standing bills thus reducing the possibilities of incurring debts. The customers can also enjoy the privilege of mobile top ups at all the active Natwest ATM outlets.

The bank facilitates all the possible methods of banking alternatives. Thus, now the account holders can conduct bank proceedings through online systems or can resort to lucrative alternatives like branch banking, telephone banking and even mobile phone banking processes.

All NatWest Select bank account holders enjoy the interest free threshold of £100. The credit zone overdrafts are usually made available on the basis of individual demands and specified grounds. All account holders are supposed to enjoy a variable rate of 19.895. This interest rate is made functional after the revisions made on august 2010. Account users can register for credit benefits provided they are above 18 years old. Nevertheless the bank is likely to levy charges for unarranged overdrafts and unpaid items. This would include maintenance fee amounting to £20, paid referral fee which costs £15 to be paid at the occurrence of said referrals. Along with this one might also have to pay for the undeclared items and the guaranteed card payment fee if asked for.


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