Natwest Reward Reserve 1 review

Published on 8 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

With Natwest reward reserve, you get an opportunity to earn extra savings reward from your savings.

What Are The Benefits Of Natwest Reward Reserve Account?

The NatWest reward reserve accounts are extremely good if you wish to get more rewards on your savings. Beyond this there are many advantages it has over other accounts.

You get quarterly rewards with NatWest reward reserve account. That means that you gain an extra 0.25% gross interest if you make no more than one withdrawal in a quarter and provided that your account balance does not drop to an amount lesser than £ 2,000 for more than 4 days in any quarterly period. You get annual rewards, through which you can gain an extra 0.25% gross interest if you do not withdraw more than three times a year and your account balance does not drop below £ 2,000 for more than 4 days in any annual period.

You can manage you savings account whichever way you want to. It can be either through telephone, or through any branch nearby. You can also manage your account online. With the NatWest reward reserve account, the more you save, the more interest you earn, which indicates that it has a tiered interest rate. The money transfers are very fast. It is very speedy and easy to move money between reward reserve account and other NatWest accounts. There is no maximum balance, however, the minimum balance is £ 2,000 to open this account you get instant access to your account. This gives you the liberty to withdraw your money whenever you need them. Along with this, you get into a savings habit. You set up a standing order and you can watch your savings grow! Along with this you can set up and track your own personal savings goal through online banking.


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