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Published on 14 August 2014 by Raffick Marday

NatWest regular current account or NatWest Current Plus account gives the user a rare benefit to enjoy free current account services. Along with the option of owning a free account, one can rejoice about being able to handle a visa debit card too. According to the customer’s eligibility quotient, he or she can get access to overdraft usages.

Who can apply for this regular current account?

Customers thinking about applying for NatWest regular current account should be at least 18 years old and should be a resident of UK. Apart from this, the applicant must provide his or her personal details. These might include residential proofs, credit history details and similar other referential documents. One can choose to show their passports or even their driving license in these cases.

What are the Benefits that come along with this regular current account?

The customers applying for this regular current account services can benefit mostly from its free banking opportunities. This would mean that an account holder is redeemed of paying all kinds of monthly subscriptions. Along with this, the flexible system of direct debits and standing orders allow the client to pay off bills faster than ever.

What are the best ways in which a customer can manage his regular current account?

Banking privileges cannot possibly score better than what Natwest provides you! The institution has about 1600 branches all across the UK. This enables the customers to evaluate and follow up with their financial status from time to time according to their individual choices and needs. The option of round the clock banking helps one in checking their hours even in the wee hours of the day.

Natwest also facilitates telephonic banking systems. You can dial up in any of the call centers and learn more about your financial possibilities. That is not all! In order to give the most to customer, Natwest brings along the unique mobile phone banking system. Now, one can check out their balance details from their mobile handsets.

More plus point of the regular current accounts

Natwest gives its customers, out of the box experiences. You will thus have the right to own a customised cheque book – a vital means to pay off those immediate bills. You also have the option of using top-ups schemes through your mobile phone. This can be done through all the existing UK cash machines set up so far. Furthermore, you can get rid of those money blues while traveling. With the help of NatWest regular current account, customers can withdraw money while they are holidaying in exotic locations!


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