NatWest Liquidity Manager 1 review

Published on 15 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

Natwest liquidity manager is all set to resolve financial shortcomings faced by endless list of both small and medium scale business holdings, institutions and enterprises who dream to make it big in the forthcoming days. It allows account holders to enjoy the unique privileges of earning lucrative interest rates over account balances. This is directly related to the presiding current market rates and the base rates involved in specified instant access accounts of the bank.

All applicants and the account customers of Natwest Liquidity manager need to keep in mind that the interest earned up on their account balances are calculated on a daily basis. Having said this, the calculated interest amounts are generally paid at the end of each month. The applicant intended into initiating such an account for him will have the right to earn interest rates through a tiered system. It goes without saying that higher balances will general higher interest rate. The rates under this section get reviewed over a month’s period and all alterations depend on those made in the base rate and London inter bank offered rate, if any. The account holder enjoys no limitations regarding the minimum balance rule, but the maximum balance is fixed up to £5,000,000.

Furthermore account holders are entitled to make endless withdrawals without having to pay penalty charges as in the case of other financial institutions. Transference of funds largely takes place through electronic medium, conducted largely by a trusted bank line. This not only leaves investors tension free but as ensures safe transactions all together. In addition to all these one has the right to initialize the auto transfer mode attached to the account. This enables users to keep transferring funds from the Natwest current account through the Natwest liquidity manager saving much time and energy on behalf of the account holder. This service can be availed by all at once without even having a Natwest account altogether.


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