Natwest First Reserve Account 1 review

Published on 8 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

If you are seeking to start a saving, the First Reserve account from Natwest could be just the one for you. It is the best for you especially if you might need your money in a hurry.

We occasionally permit savings accounts to be controlled in a way which facilitates the customer to give instructions for a withdrawal or other payment which cannot be met from the funds in the account. If this takes place, we may pertain charges to the account.

What Are The Benefits Of Natwest First Reserve Account?

There are many benefits of the Natwest first reserve account. You can administer your account and manage your money according to your wish. You can manage it through phone, through any nearest branch or even online. It is all according to what suits you the best.

You can start saving from the minimal amount of £ 1. There is nevertheless, no minimum balance mentioned for having this account.

We also do not charge any penalties. This means that you are not charged anything by us for withdrawing your money anytime. You get quarterly interest, which is paid straight into your account. The transfers are very fast. Transfers are fast, easy, uncomplicated and hassle free. You can simply move your money between first reserve account and your other Natwest accounts.

Along with all this, you also develop the savings habit. So you can set up a standing order and watch your savings increase as time passes by! You can set up and track your own personal savings goals. moreover, you are given the facility of cash machine withdrawal. This means that with an optional debit card you can get your money at cash machines displaying the logo shown on your card

How To Apply?

You can apply for it online instantly!


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