Natwest Direct Reserve Savings 1 review

Published on 13 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Natwest direct reserve savings lets you manage your savings with ease. You can manage the Direct reserve savings account either online or through phone. The direct reserve savings account is extremely ideal for businesses, especially those that prefer to manage their finances online and using our telephone bank service. With this account, your earning is directly proportional to the amount you save. This means that the more you save, the more you earn! So don’t lose the opportunity, and go for it!

What Are The Benefits Of Natwest Direct Reserve Savings Account?

With Direct Reserve, you’ll earn more interest as your balance grows. This is very good for you if you have a business, which typically requires finances to be handled online or via telephone.

The Natwest direct reserve savings account gives you a bonus interest whenever you take out a direct reserve savings account for the first time. You can see the interest rates and bonus interest tabs in our website for further more details. You get instant access to your account with this. Hence, you can transfer funds directly to your business current account.

In addition to that we are available to bank anytime. You can bank online, at any time of the day and that too all the seven days of a week! We have not asked for any maximum or minimum balance. In addition to that there is no minimum or maximum deposit or withdrawal amounts. Standard internet banking daily transfer restrictions apply to customers transferring to a third party bank. The interest is calculated daily. Moreover, it is paid directly into your account every month.

How To Apply In Natwest?

You can apply for this account online, through telephone or you can even visit our nearest branch in your neighborhood and make an account with the help of our efficient and devoted staff.


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