NatWest Community Account 1 review

Published on 12 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

NatWest is concerned about the community as a whole. The NatWest Community Account is mainly designed for the benefits of Non- Profit organizations such as clubs, charities and societies. This account is especially meant to look after the fund of these Non- profit organizations. If the annual turnover of your business establishment is less than £100,000, then this account is most suitable for you. For such organizations the account is free from any kind of charges. With this account, you can have access to the funds of your organization whenever you want.

The NatWest Community Account gives ample opportunity for you to save for your community organization. Banking is made simpler and easier for you by NatWest. With the help of a network of cash machines and NatWest branches spread throughout the nation you can access the funds whenever and wherever you need them. You don’t even have to go to the branch office. You can now carry out transactions just with a click with the help of online banking facility. You have 24 hours of online and phone banking facility available to you.

With great benefits you have added advantage as well. There are no deposit or withdrawal charges if the annual turnover of your account is less than £100,000. A minimum charge is levied on the account but only if the annual turnover of your organization is above £100,000. The NatWest Community Account gives you free support with the help of Community Development banking team. You can open the account in a very uncomplicated and straightforward method. You just need to visit your nearest NatWest branch for this account, or you can even apply online for this account to get an additional benefit worth £75 of FREE Google AdWords. So get huge benefits of this account as these are meant for the development of your community.


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