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Published on 14 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Natwest clients’ monies service helps you streamline the administration of client funds. The Clients’ Monies service is outlaid for FSA regulated companies, and regulated solicitors, accountants, insolvency practitioners, pension trustee firms, property managers, letting agents and housing associations, so that they can manage clients funds more efficiently.

Clients’ Monies Service is an online banking system that assists you in managing your client monies. Devised to aid you to meet the terms with your industry’s rules, all of your online transactions are accomplished in a protected atmosphere.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Natwest Clients’ Monies Service?

The Natwest clients’ monies service comes with its own added benefits and services. Indeed, as a company grows, managing clients’ funds become more complicated, especially if the number of clients is huge. In such cases, one seeks for aids and assistances for these kinds of service. This is what Clients’ monies service is in market for.

It is extremely convenient and secure. You can carry out all your banking transactions on your computer! It is so simple and fast through online banking service! It is absolutely hassle free. You can open and close client accounts in minutes. Not only this, you can also undertake multiple transactions using a range of currencies. Auditing is easy. Funds held on behalf of each client remain separate with individual audit records. The interest potential is higher as you pool your clients’ funds to earn a higher tiered interest rate.

All this and there is added value for your clients. You can send out individual bank statements, interest and tax certificates for each client. reconciliation is easy as you link to your own client reference numbers for easier administration. It is easy to install, with access to a dedicated helpdesk when you need it. Additionally, it is very secure and protected!


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