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Published on 16 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

The NatWest client deposit account, makes it easier for you to manage third party funds. If your business holds funds on behalf of clients or third parties, we can provide a tailored service to help you manage them efficiently and effectively.

There are basically three kinds of services of the NatWest client deposit account. firstly, there is client deposit service. Secondly there is client monie and lastly there is the solicitors account.

The client deposit service account helps you in daily management of client funds easier. Our Client Deposit Service is used by professionals in a wide array of fields, from law and accountancy to insurance and local government. If you manage funds on behalf of clients, the solution may prove beneficial.

The service includes a range of instant access accounts for the management of general client funds or designated monies. The solution is designed to make day-to-day management of client monies easier and to help you to comply with client bank account rules.

The service offers a wide range of corporate account benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Client Deposit Service?

The client deposit accounts come with extremely attractive interest rates. The choice of when and where interest is paid is given to the customer. So it is up to you to choose to have interest paid into a client account or a separate account in your company’s name. you can also choose whether you want to have the interest paid to you on a monthly basis, quarterly basis or half yearly. With the Natwest client deposit service, you get instant access to your account. this means that you can withdraw money anytime, any day without any extra charges. Hence, you get access to cleared funds immediately without losing any interest. There is no minimum balance specified by us for this particular account.


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