NatWest Business Reserve Account 1 review

Published on 15 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

The NatWest Business Reserve Account is termed as the best instant access account provided by this financial institution for it allows the customers the unique privilege to access their funds whenever they wish to, without laving stringent penalties. Other than this, all one also enjoys the premium facility of earning each time they save. All clients are allowed to earn interests of the existing amount balance on a daily basis.

The NatWest business reserve account is listed under the category of commercial banking stab and stands true to the promise of providing unlimited withdrawal facilities. This would mean one is capable of drawing out funds and carrying out endless business settlements and dealings throughout the session. This indeed saves a lot of energy and further makes banking a pleasurable experience.

The account makes it quite clear that it pays all the gross interest amount earned by individual account holders much before deducting tax charges from the account balance. In this connection the gross interest earned along with the AER % rates levied remains same for all ranges of account balances. The rates remain the same, viz. 0.05% since the last revisions made in 19 March 2009. It is to be noted that the annual interest paid in accordance to the AER rate is equivalent to the system where the specific account balance rate gets compounded at the completion of each fiscal year.

Natwest does mention about a fixed interest rate as mentioned in their official online website, yet this is variable provided new rates are issued from the bank all by itself at any point of time. The interest rate can be provided only when one has registered for them as directed by the bank administration. Finally it is to be noted that all contests and complaints regarding unsatisfactory and proposed erroneous interest earned against individual account can be decided by the governing laws and regulations issued by UK administration.


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