Natwest Bonus Saver 1 review

Published on 13 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

With the Natwest bonus saver account, you can earn extra interest by making a few withdrawals. In addition to that, with the bonus saver account you have instant access to your funds, but we will pay extra interest if you make no more than one withdrawal every quarter.

Hence, it means that Bonus Saver is an instant-access savings account that is useful for putting aside surplus funds and gives you the potential to earn a quarterly bonus.

Basically, the three main characteristic of the NatWest bonus saver account are-

  • You get instant access
  • Interest is paid quarterly
  • No monthly account fees

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Natwest Bonus Saver Account?

The NatWest bonus saver account is the best for you if you wish to earn extra income from your savings. Gaining more is now so simpler! All you need to do is to limit your withdrawals. It is beneficial for you, firstly because you earn extra interest. This means that, when you make no more than one withdrawal a month, then you make more money. You will receive bonus interest of 1% paid quarterly for the life of the product if you make no more than one withdrawal per quarter. Secondly, it is easy to manage your account. The NatWest bonus saver account is very convenient for you. You can transfer funds to and from your NatWest current account using online banking or at your NatWest branch. Thirdly, you get the facility of same day transfers. This means that you can transfers from your NatWest current account are made on the same day so you start earning interest straight away.

How To Apply?

You can apply for this account online instantly, or call us. You may also visit our nearest branch to make this account.


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