Natwest Bank Treasury Reserve Account 1 review

Published on 14 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Natwest treasury reserve gives you the advantage of money market rates for larger savings. If you have a minimum of £ 25,000 to deposit then you can reap the benefits of London money market rates with the NatWest Treasury Reserve. It is apt for fixed term saving for any time span up to one year.

If is possible for your business to set aside finances for an fixed period of up to a year, you can benefit from the London money market linked rates obtainable with Treasury Reserve.

With Treasury Reserve, you fix on how much you are capable of saving and how long you are able to save it for. We will give you information about the interest rate available to you based on your savings profile. This rate will be confirmed or assured all through the term of your saving.

Setting up an account is simple and you can start saving the same day. You can save for any period from overnight to a year.

What Are The Benefits Of Natwest Treasury Reserve?

The NatWest treasury reserve is the most profiteering for you if you have a large amount to deposit. You earn maximum interest and earn maximum benefits from London money market rates. You get guaranteed interest rates. This means that you are completely safeguarded from any fall in interest rates during the term of your deposit. The returns are potentially higher than anywhere else is. This is very obvious considering that fact that it is related to money market rates.

The rates are personalized. This means that larger the savings and longer the terms, better are the rates! The Natwest treasury reserve is also very flexible. You can save for any fixed term, depending on your suitability and convenience, whether you wish to save overnight or up to a year.


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