Natwest Advantage Reserve 2 reviews

Published on 7 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

With the natwest advantage reserve account, the advantage gold and advantage private customers get preferential rates! That is they get tiered rates and also cash machine withdrawals.

What Are The Benefits Of Natwest Advantage Reserve Account?

When it comes to advantage gold and advantage private customers. You get preferential tiered interest rate. Nevertheless, this advantage is specifically for advantage gold and advantage private customers. You are provided with instant access to your account and your money. This means, that you can withdraw your funds anytime you need them. You can manage your savings account in whichever way you wish to manage. It is totally on your convenience whether you want to manage it through phone, through a branch or whether you prefer online banking.

There is no maximum limit to the amount you wish to save in this account. However, you need to have minimum £ 2,000 in order to open this account. You get the quarterly interest, which is paid directly into your account itself. The transfers are really speedy. That indicates that it is very quick and simple to move money between Advantage reserve account and your other Natwest account. It is also extremely uncomplicated and hassle free.

With this account you develop a savings habit. We can also set up a regular transfer from another Natwest account. You can set up and track your own personal goals. This is possible through online banking. we provide you with the facility of cash machine withdrawals. With an optional debit card you can get your money at cash mahines displaying the logo shown on your card.

How To Apply For A Natwest Advantage Reserve Account?

With the online banking system, you can now do everything online. You can even apply for an account online. It is all instantaneous and trouble free!


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