NatWest Advantage Private Reserve 2 reviews

Published on 11 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

NatWest is providing you more opportunity to save and control your expenses with the help of Advantage Private Reserve. You have the chance to get 0.25% bonus interest rate every month if you don’t make any withdrawal. This is just an incredible offer! You are getting bonus interest per month without doing anything. The account is very beneficial and really easy to manage as well. If you are an Advantage Private Current Account customer, then only you qualify for these special benefits. You just have to pay £19.95 per month for getting the Advantage Private Current Account and in return you can enjoy benefits up to £1,639.

You need a minimum balance of £10,000 to qualify for this Advantage Private Reserve, and there is no maximum limit of deposit, the more you save the more you earn. Apart from providing you great value for your money, Advantage Private Reserve is very easy to manage. You don’t even have to go to the branch for managing your account. You can do that with ease through online banking and over the phone. The online and phone banking system is completely safe and secured and can be carried out anywhere and anytime according to your wish. And this account gives you the enthusiasm to save more for the future of your family, as you are getting great incentives for the same reason.

Advantage Private Reserve provides you a conditional bonus which is equivalent to 0.25% gross per annum and 0.20% net per annum, which is paid along with your monthly interest. But it is paid on two conditions: i) If you avoid making any withdrawals in that month and ii) If you maintain a minimum balance of £10,000, during that month in your account. So take complete advantage of this ultimate account and save huge amount every month. This is your chance to get real benefits and save for yourself and your family.


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