NatWest Advantage Private 2 reviews

Published on 6 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

NatWest Advantage private accounts scores over the other NatWest advantage blue and NatWest advantage gold schemes when one is intending to compare the sprawling benefits attached to it. Being awarded as a 5 star banking schemes it leave little room for hesitant- indeed you earn a better understanding of saving your funds when you register for advantage private accounts.

The NatWest Advantage private accounts ensure hassle free travel expense coverage and can pay for five annual trips both in UK and abroad. It further takes the responsibility of insuring your mobile sets at least four in number-thus keeping you connected all throughout. The bank also mitigates home insurance scheme attached to this account, along with a round the globe concierge service. Saving rates, tax services and personal mortgage are better dealt with if the intending client has advantage private registered under his name. It is interesting to note that one can actually receive benefits amounting to £1,639 which means one just need to pay a monthly fee of £19.95 to keep benefits active and valid.

The account applicants need to make a note of the basic rules for requesting for the advantage private accounts. This would include the criterion of earning about £75,000 on an annual basis. One can also register if he or she can produce a proof of earning about £100,000 jointly. Only clients above 18 years are qualified to apply for the advantage private accounts.

The NatWest advantage private further provides the unique NatWest card protection services, up to 10% discount on car insurance schemes made available by UK insurance limited and advantage travel service initiated by Thomas Cook agencies. The applicants will also enjoy premium share dealing services, and own private box offices to deal with transaction procedures. One is also entitled to receiving accidental death insurances, and extended warranty insurances apart from the much other lucrative coverage coming along with the account.


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