NatWest Advantage Gold 3 reviews

Published on 5 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

NatWest advantage Gold account like all the other account with extra services provides its users with unparallel benefits. The applicants are entitled to yield high end benefits amounting to £713. All of these lucrative advantages can be availed in exchange of monthly payments of about £12.95.

The enlisted benefits catered out to the account holders of NatWest Advantage Gold include travel insurances that will allow them to enjoy trips both in UK and abroad. This is likely to amount up to £160. One can also avail the services in a better way if the customers go for Thomas Cook Travel Service. One is also entitled to Hotel discounts that can climb up to £55. The expenses of winter sports are also covered under this particular scheme. Furthermore the account holders are provided insurance for their mobile phones and are also provided adequate PDAs. Monetary benefits are handed over at the same time to meet vehicular crisis which gets counted under the rules registered at Green Flag. The account also provides to increase the warranty terms of household appliances owned by registered customers. The account can also bring along protection in case of theft. The schemes cover such critical situations with a limit of £5000. Accidental death cases can be met out through this account as well. In case of theft of cash cards one can immediately contact the bank services to learn about the further actions to be taken.

The NatWest Advantage Gold account allows all users to enjoy £100, the gold credit zone overdrafts come along with variable interest rates of about 19.49%. Under this category it is to be noted that overdrafts with a limit of £7,500 are not subjected to fee charges. Above this amount, the bank levies a charge of 2% over a minimum of £30 extra.


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