NatWest Advantage Blue 2 reviews

Published on 5 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

NatWest Advantage Blue helps all account holders to enjoy benefits made available under Natwest accounts with extra. The advantage blue account enable users to yield benefits that amount to £207. The accounts need to be kept active with a monthly fee of £6.95.

The top five benefits assured to all applicants would include insurance schemes for personal mobile phones. The breakdown cover mitigated by green can also be facilitated. The account users also enjoy the discretion of foreign touring- Natwest arranges European travel insurance schemes that cover the expenses incurred in a single trip spanning for a period of two weeks. Discount cards are also handed over along with the account that allows the users to shop at renowned shopping outlets and save up to 25% on purchases through mitigated discounts. Rail cards are made available to cover railway expenses for family and friends. The age group under this scheme is calculated between the ranges of 16 to 25 years.

Natwest further provides live show discounts for its Natwest Advantage Blue owning customers. This is mainly calculated up to 25% off money back. The account holders are entitled to use number vaults that are directly linked to savings made through Phones 4 u at monthly installments of £1.99. One can further get access to their stored funds through round the clock emergency cash availability. This is functional on the basis of cash machine withdrawals either belonging to NatWest, or RBS or Ulster bank. As an alternative telephone banking online banking is also provided to meet emergency crisis. The later scheme allows users to withdraw till the limit of £300. The Natwest Advantage Blue account provides al the existing features associated with current accounts make available by the bank and arranges for other benefits like stop payments, initiating banker’s draft, getting cheque clearance details and many more.


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