Nationwide Tracker Bond

Published on 25 October 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Nationwide Tracker Bond is a unique investment and lucrative too. An individual investing into this bond has investment tenure of 1-year. This is generally a short term investment plan. This has an incredible system of tracking the base rate of Bank of England. Thus it guarantees you the best interest rate and you do not have to personally look into the market for the best rate of interest. The bank is doing it for you. One can gain up to 3.00% gross p.a./AER over a balance of £50,000 and annual interest.

One has the opportunity of opening an account for this bond with as little as £100, of-course the rate of interest then comes down to 2.75% gross p.a./AER. You have the feasibility of choosing from the option of getting the interest against your bond on monthly or yearly payment terms. Well, to safeguard your savings the bank has a policy of no partial withdrawal from the bond. Yet under any emergency you can always close your bonds before the maturity tenure. To do that you have to give a 90-days notice otherwise you will have to bear a loss of 90-days interest.

This bond is a very interesting and lucrative way of savings and is even very feasible for anyone since you can start off with only £100. This unique system will always encourage savings more and more. These savings will ultimately end up being a big help for anyone who goes through the unexpected pangs of adversities of life. This can turn out to be a very lucrative saving for human kind if they gather the courage and start investing in this kind of bond. These being the tracker Bond, the bank will on your behalf look out for the best existing rate of interest and will calculate the best offer for you. Thus, it is a proven fact that Nationwide Tracker Bond is an investment which will work hard on your behalf to give you the best return against your investment.


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