Nationwide Smart Account

Published on 25 October 2010 by Raffick Marday

We all have this fascination of owning a bank account in our childhood all by our self. That happens especially on those days of adolescent. Well kids cheer up for Nationwide bank has came up with a fantastic package, the Nationwide Smart Account. You no longer have to depend upon your mummy or daddy for your small but important pocket money. Now with a little calculation you could even earn from your savings and thus giving a huge boost to your confidence. We all thought that our personal savings account could only happen once we have crossed 18-years.

But now you can be the proud owner of your own bank account from the very first day you come to this earth. That’s incredible. Once you reach the age of 11-years you could opt to have a cash card against your savings account and can get a direct access to your very own account and even have the feasibility to manage your very own savings account online. That gives you a reason to be techno savvy.

Now, you all must be thinking where from will you get thousands of pounds to open an account on the very first day of your life on mother Earth. Well kids, cheer up once again for your minimum balance maintenance for your savings account is only £1. The bank really loves a child that is the reason they have offered unlimited number of withdrawals every year and that too without any notice to the bank and without any penalty being levied against excess withdrawal. Now comes the best part of it. Your savings as much you manage will enable you to earn up to 0.75% gross p.a./AER. This gross percentage is actually interest including the tax levied on it if you are applicable to pay tax. The net percentage comes to 0.60% p.a. which means that this is the net interest earned by you after deduction of tax, if you are applicable to pay tax. Nationwide Smart Account is indeed a smart account.


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