Nationwide Monthly Income 60+

Published on 20 October 2010 by Raffick Marday

You are now a 60+ young man and have started planning about your retirement and holidays. In comes Nationwide Monthly Income 60+. Well Nationwide do provide you with an addition of upto 0.55% gross p.a. on your savings accounts fund lying at Nationwide Bank. Thus we the 60+ young people do get a regular income on monthly basis against our own savings. We also have the feasibility to our account through Internet and can keep a track of our fund and its utilization by logging on to the net and checking the current status of our hard earned money. They say money is your best friend when you reach a tender age of 60+. Nationwide Bank is giving us exactly the same, a friend in the form of money. Believe it or not this is a savings account or a passbook account which also has the facility of transferring fund online. Nationwide Monthly Income 60+ helps all to keep a tab on their monthly expenditure.

Money in any form is always sweet. We do want to have money at any age. Being younger at the age of 60+ we might just have the inclination of earning an extra bit. This is enabled by Nationwide Bank. We get a regular income against our savings fund and can utilize that fund for our own benefit. Such is the beauty of this account that we can earn and even withdraw 500 pound daily in cash from any of the branches of Nationwide Bank or if you need you can withdraw 500000 pound through cheque from any branch. While you still have the option of transferring the fund online.

In this world nothing comes easy not even money. Nationwide Monthly Income 60+ is a revolution and help us to regain our income from our own savings.


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