Nationwide Fixed Rate ISAs

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

You want to have a guaranteed interest rate which won’t change over a specified period of time. Nationwide fixed rate ISAs is the kind of individual savings account which helps you a lot to earn good interest from your own savings. This wonderful interest rate is also tax free. This accumulated fund could be kept deposited in several period terms which could be 5-years or 3-years or even 1-year. These cash ISAs are very lucrative as the rate of interest do not change within these stipulated time periods no matter what is the condition of the market. This assurance comes with a guarantee from the bank. The account holder gets a 4% gross P.A. / AER. Therefore it is evident that this individual savings account helps you in saving and even investing the tax saved from this type of account. This is so user friendly that the interest payments could be made into monthly interest or yearly interest payment. You can easily choose between the two interest payment types according to your preferences.

Any applicable adult for this account will be entitled to gain a good interest rate by investing in a single one time payment for a specified period. To achieve this income you have to invest the specified amount for the fixed period of time. You have to make sure that within this stipulated time you cannot disturb this fund. And at the end of the fixed term you will be entitled to a lump sum amount. The tax free income can also be invested for some useful profit which will help you a lot to contribute more to your existing income. The various terms also gives you a choice to invest according to your requirement and time frame. Thus Nationwide fixed rate ISAs will give you lots of profit. We are indeed fortunate that in this age of inflation we still do have some hope to survive with these bank offers.


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