Nationwide Fixed Rate Bonds

Published on 22 October 2010 by Raffick Marday

Fixed rate bonds are savings bonds having incredible guaranteed rates that are available for you provided you give the fund to stay locked for the stipulated time. This Nationwide fixed rate Bond is just for a person who is more interested to invest in a bond to complete his business needs by having some additional income. He gets to enjoy a guaranteed rate of interest return by opening this savings bond. Having some idle fund in your savings account and you want to earn some extra income through it then this will really help because you can fix your money for a stipulated period of time to earn some additional income.

During this stipulated period the account holder is not allowed to withdraw or disturb this account. The account holder could choose to have a yearly or monthly interest payable to him by the bank. This guaranteed return in the form of rate of interest over your savings account is available just for you. Hence you can check your accounts current status and open these fixed rate bonds and earn the annual equivalent rate for a better financial stability. The nationwide e-Bonds fortunately offer you a very high interest rate almost up to 4.00% gross p.a. / AER. The best part is that to get such high return you only need to have 1-pound with yourself. Such is the beauty of modern banking and their facilities that people even with 1-pound can think of having a fortune.

You have the option to choose from several stipulated periods e.g. 1-year time frame, 2-years time frame, 3-years time frame or 5-years time frame which could be done annually or on monthly basis. So we see that Nationwide fixed rate Bond helps us to earn monthly or annually giving an opportunity to have a steady earning. All you have to remember is that partial withdrawal before the stipulated tenure is not allowed.


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