Nationwide E-ISA

Published on 21 October 2010 by Raffick Marday

Nationwide e-ISA, are very realistic and lucrative for any account holder. This system of ISA, as we all know, means Individual Savings Account. It is a very effective and flexible account whereby we can do incredible savings. Moreover, the interest which is paid to the account holders against his or her fund is totally tax free. So practically, the account holders get to enjoy the entire amount of interest earned by his fund. This fantastic individual savings account is also tech savvy and is obtainable online. This will give instant access to the account holders. One should have a Nationwide card account and should be above 16 years of age to avail this wonderful facility.. The bank also issues a bonus of 1% gross p.a. The bonus and interest rates are calculated on daily basis hence maintenance of account balance is very vital. This account unlike other accounts is very feasible one can have unlimited number of fund withdrawals per annum. Well the biggest advantage is that you require a minimum balance of £1 to open this account. There is no notice period for additional number of withdrawals.

This account being online, you can very easily get the current status or statement and can verify the details of your account anytime and from anywhere if you have an access to the internet. Your laptop could then be your own bank doing exactly what you want it to do. This account in addition to the regular 1.75% AER is also providing an additional bonus amount p.a. and thus increasing the AER% to 2.50% and being added the gross percentage applicable per year goes up to 2.75%. Now that’s what we call good profit from fund of savings account. So, the Nationwide e-ISA is beneficial and attractive for earning money smartly.


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