Nationwide Bonus 30

Published on 21 October 2010 by Raffick Marday

A very special feature for a savings account of yours is offered by the Nationwide Bank. This Nationwide Bonus 30 was introduced on 1st February, 2009, and since then it has been quite popular amidst the Account Holders. The Bank offers a very special bonus to the Account Holder if the Account Holder does not withdraw any amount from his account for a full Calendar year. This is a unique advantage of gaining some extra money from your idle fund lying in your bank account. However, one can withdraw to a maximum of £5,000 each month from his or her account. Well in that case the bonus won’t be allowed, but the rate of interest will not be reduced either.

This is indeed a unique feature of modern banking. If we be a little calculative then we can easily multiply our earnings in interest over the same amount of money or fund lying in our account. Even if we have to withdraw, we can intelligently do it once in a month so that we don’t lose the applicable rate of interest. Under emergency situation we can provide a 30-days notice to the bank for further withdrawal and thereafter our rate of interest will not get deducted against our additional money withdrawal.

The bank has introduced the features for our own benefit. We can earn more and the conditions for Bonus and rate of interest will always entice us to save more rather than spend by withdrawing money from our savings account. This way our financial stability will be much better and if followed systematically then we can do a lot of earning, just by being smart. The Nationwide Bonus 30 indeed introduced a well thought plan for Savings account giving better future for everyone. Happiness will now be everywhere.


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