Mywonga Prepaid MasterCard

Published on 9 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Mywonga Prepaid MasterCard always assists an individual with utmost privileges and lucrative packages. It effectively enables a person to attain sole authority and control over his/her money in respect of averting all sorts of profligate expenditures. It would be unjust to term it as a debit or credit card, although it resembles with the various attributes of the former duo.

What benefits can you get from your Mywonga Mastercard?

You can access the Mywonga MasterCard at nearly 25 million retail outlets available worldwide, exhibiting the registered MasterCard acceptance mark. Again, whenever you are engrossed in shopping on the high streets and supermarkets, going for a hang out or movies, making flight or hotel reservations and various other deeds, the Mywonga prepaid card constantly monitors your activities. The sole purpose of it is to actively resist you from the hazards and fears of overspending or getting into debt.

The advanced Chip and PIN facilities further protects your account against all kinds of cyber crime and illegal activities. The active fraud monitoring technology always maintain their hawk eye lenses to cater you with utmost security and guaranteed peace of mind.

The Mywonga Prepaid MasterCard also endows with 24*7 online facilities in order to manage and access your account according to your convenience. Once you log into your personal savings account, you can even check your balances and browse through all the details of the pending and completed transactions accompanied with a full detailed analysis regarding the history of your account. You can even take the benefit of the SMS alert system, which also efficiently informs you about all the transactions of your prepaid account.

How to apply?

In order to apply for the Mywonga Prepaid MasterCard, you must be a UK resident and at least 18 years old accompanied with some documentary evidences of your residential and identity proof.


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