Published on 11 October 2010 by Raffick Marday

Why get a MeCard PAYG card?

These days, smart banking means more than just signing up for a standard bank account on the high-street. To make the most out of your money, you need to think about how you spend it and then shop around to find the smartest and best value solution for you.

There is a growing market for tailored finance solutions, and no product has taken this more literally than the PrePaid Card explosion. Online shopper, there is a card for you, frequent traveller, there is a card for you also. Parents of teenagers rejoice! There is a MeCard with your name on it.

There is also a MeCard available for each of your teenage sons/daughters (age 13-18). Load your parent card, then distribute pocket money or shopping money at the click of a button. You can even check the balance or transaction statement of your teen online.

What sort of service do MeCard offer?

No need to plan trips to the bank/ATM days in advance, and no need to spend precious minutes on the phone to the bank, fiddling with various passwords and pass codes. MeCard levels the field and it spreads the responsibility. Your teenage son or daughter is encouraged to log-in regularly to check their balance and plan spending (or saving!) in advance. In essence, the responsibility is shared. As a parent you can save time fretting about your young family carrying cash, or running out of money. And teen cardholders are eased gently into the reality of responsible money management.

MeCard payment plans and prepaid card benefits

Parent cards are free when you purchase a minimum of one teen card. Teen cards cost £9.99 but come pre-loaded with £10 to spend online, in the shops wherever the MasterCard acceptance-mark is displayed. Fees are not charged for monthly management or at the point of sale.

Parent Card
Up to 3 withdrawals allowed per day totalling £250.
Max single withdrawal is £250

Teen Card
Up to 3 per four day cycle totalling £150
Max single withdrawal £50

Who can apply for a MeCard?

The new MeCard is a MasterCard with a difference. It’s not a cover-all catch-all type of product, it is tailored and it is specific. It is a card for family life. Better still it is a card for parents with teenage children every bit as much as it is a card for teenagers with (savvy) parents. MeCard’s online linked account system means that as a parent, all you need is internet access to check teen balances, and move money accordingly.

You do not need to undergo a credit check to apply for a MeCard. Applicants must be registered at a valid UK address.


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