MBNA Play.com Credit Card

Published on 2 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

MBNA has come out with flexible credit card that keeps in mind your tolling cost index. With guaranteed reward options and interest free criteria you could expect more from your card.

Who can be eligible to apply for the card?

Anyone who is aged 23 years and over with a mandatory UK residentship holding a UK bank account or building society account is eligible. An individual must be an employed or homeowner with an annual salary of ₤20,000 with no recent credit defaults.

Benefits from your MBNA Play.com credit card

You are guaranteed an interest free purchase for flat nine months with a balance transfer to current accounts with zero per cent rate for six months. Moreover the company sets your individual credit limit based on your current circumstances so that you can be better in control of your finances. Moreover you are guaranteed an interest free period for 50 days which is infact a market setting trend. There is another notable feature which is a zero amount payable annually towards individual fee. This card also includes online account management and card security. An extra layer of security is also provided with an identity check up criteria when you are on a shopping spree with online retailers. That way you are always secured from virtual fraudalitry.

What is the minimum monthly payout?

The minimum monthly payout is fixed at 1%. If balance is ₤25 minimum you are required to pay the amount in full. You can avoid additional surcharges by keeping the credit limit intact and paying monthly payments on time.

Complaint registering and added security

There is a guaranteed additional security with online management and fraud monitoring system. If there is any instance of illegal transaction regarding your MBNA Play.com credit card, it will take active steps to prevent the nuisance in an efficient manner. Customer services are available 24*7 to assist you by each and every means possible.


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