MBNA Platinum Dual Credit Card

Published on 2 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The MBNA Platinum Dual Credit Card eminently offers an interest free period of ten months on all kind of purchases and balance transfers. It also effectively transfers savings into bank accounts.

What benefits can you expect from this credit card?

The MBNA Platinum Dual Credit Card effervescently prevents you from any kind of negative order of payment. The interest rate ardently equates on both kinds of debts, whether it be a cheap or an expensive one.

This dual credit card also allows you in transferring money into the bank account at a minimal amount of handling fee. Hence, you can easily access the card in order to pay off a costly overdraft. An individual can also pay off the debt within a span of ten months, excluding all interests.

By using this dual credit cad, you can even transfer all your card balances within the first three months after opening an account.

The account can only be set up with paperless statements. So, if you possess the intention of accessing your statement, first of all you need to register yourself in online banking privileges. A person can also manage his/her account at ease while helping the environment by reducing the paper consumption.

The fraud protection unit always remains active and plays a pivotal role in eminently resisting any kind of illegal activities. As soon as you notice any unusual transactions, never hesitate to inform the MBNA fraud protection team.

Again, the UK based customer service helpline is always there to assist you in all adversities. It’s open for the entire 24 hours a day and will efficiently deal with all your queries and concerns.

How to apply?

An individual must exceed 18 years of age to access this credit card facility. It would be an added advantage if you possess another credit card along with this one in order to excavate the multi faceted attributes of the latter.


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