MBNA Charity Credit Cards

Published on 20 August 2010 by Raffick Marday

MBNA WWF Credit Card overview

What are Charity Credit Cards?

Charity credit cards are a new way of supporting your favorite charity at no extra cost to you, This is done by simply spending as normal using your credit card and a percentage of the transaction spend of every item purchased is donated by the company that issues the credit card.

    **How do they Charity Credit Cards work?**

Nowadays there are additional options to donating money to a charity without the need to send your hard earned cash, this can now be done by getting a charity credit card. The charities work directly with credit providers where when you sign up for a credit card an initial donation between £5 and £25 is usually made by the card provider when the account is opened thereafter additional contributions based on a percentage you spend on your card.

How do the Interest rates compare to other credit cards?

Charity credit cards do offer competitive interest rates with introductory offers, but the card holders incentive is mainly to contribute to a good cause.

What to remember

Most credit cards offer some kind of bonus feature, the bonus that comes with a charity credit card is the donation made on each purchase by your provider


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