Lufthansa Credit Card

Published on 3 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

Lufthansa Credit Card provides its owners facilities unlike the regular credit card operating services. The concept of the service is to fly high and pay less, earn miles to your credit.

About the services

Lufthansa Credit Card is better known as Lufthansa Miles & More Credit Card. Customers can avail credit services from card options like Miles & More Credit Card Gold Business, Miles & More Credit Card Gold World, Miles & More Credit Card Classic Business and Miles & More Credit Card Classic World. Apart from these customers can also opt for credit cards that are operational in Germany and also for the ones that are functional in overseas. One can also opt for Partner Card, HON Circle Credit Card, Senator Card and Frequent Traveler Card as per individual preferences.

Who can apply for the credit cards?

You can apply according to the categories provided in the online site. You will have to read through the terms and conditions and then apply to avoid technical hassles. One does have the option of recruiting partners. Having said this, one needs to read through specific details that come along the application forms.

What are the benefits the customers can enjoy?

In order to earn maximum benefits of Lufthansa Credit Card, one needs to keep in mind that they are actually earning miles to balance their travel and purchase expenses. One can enjoy about 36 months of non stop credit benefits that is about a 3 years time period. All of it is possible when you are always making a point to purchase at least once in every month. You will be able to make use of the card in these cases only after owning the card for three months time. At the same time you will have to verify whether your account is valid and active to enjoy the benefits. Make sure that you are keeping a check on the award miles to modulate your credit accession accordingly.


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