Lloyds TSB under 19s account

Published on 21 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

If you are between eleven and eighteen years of age you can now make money easily with Lloyds TSB under 19s account. It offers Visa debit card / Cashpoint card with interest accrued to the money which you are generally holding at your account.

What are the features and benefits of the card?

The Lloyds TSB Visa debit card is a great option in order to pay for your purchases and online shopping or to withdraw cash from Lloyds TSB Cashpoint and ATM as well as Lloyds Cashpoint card so that you can access your cash from ATMs. It also carries competitive rates of 2.50% AER or 2.47% Gross which is usually paid on amounts up to £2,500. You can now have an instantaneous access to your funds throughout the year which is a flexible option to control your finances.

It also helps you to access your money in case of emergencies. You can very well access mobile banking. If you are aged over sixteen years, you can avail text messages keeping you updated about your daily transactions. If you are in the age range of 11-15 years you can very easily register for balance alerts available weekly or transaction alerts belonging to overseas category. Regular statements are also issued so that you can very well keep an account of your money mobility.

There are no charges accrued for holding the account. This is a unique criterion in the market in particularly this segment. There is nearly a large database of nearly 1900 branches so you can easily locate the institution in every major crossroads.

How will you apply for the account?

18 years is not a criterion for creating a Lloyds TSB under 19s account. It can be created between the age group of eleven to eighteen years. Though some features may be restricted to ages above 16 years of age other criteria is common in other formats.


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