Lloyds TSB Switching business account

Published on 27 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

With the Lloyds TSB Switching business account, you no longer need to bear the hardships of changing banks. It caters you with a named contact within a team, which has been dedicated to administer all the changes and eminently allows you to concentrate on the business along with free 6 months day to day business banking.

It efficiently re-directs all the standing orders and direct-debits and even transfers all the deposited funds into the Lloyds TSB account. Again, if by mistake it fails to fulfill the agreed timescale, a one-off payment of ₤50 will be compensated to you at the earliest. It even refunds all the charges and interests which has been incurred because of the unexpected delays. However, a person should keep in note that all the charges or interests which has been resulted from his/her current bank, will be excluded from this guarantee.

In addition, it also provides you with a free banking service for a period of six months. During this privilege, you will be exempted from all kinds of charges. It includes - paying in or taking out of cash, cheques, standing orders and direct debits. An individual is being entitled to withdraw an unlimited amount of funds according to his/her wish.

Again, while shifting your account, an expert relationship manager will provide you all the necessary assistance. It may consist of loans or any other borrowings, deposits and various other features. At present nearly half a million customers are being benefited from the active support and assistance of the relationship managers throughout the nation.

Generally, most of the relationship managers are locally based and in case of exceptions, a business banker would be regarded as the ideal replacement. When a face to face meeting is not possible, the managers are usually available via phone to mitigate all your queries and concerns by the most effective means possible on this planet.


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