Lloyds TSB School Banking account

Published on 28 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Lloyds TSB School Banking account proffers ample opportunities and privileges for the students, keeping in note about their basic needs and requirements. Now a student is capable to administer his/her budgets and finances efficiently without any sort of hassles. Henceforth, the Lloyds School banking account can truly be denoted as a prudent financial package.

What benefits can you expect from the Lloyds School Banking account?

Now, a student can access all the privileges and benefits of the daily banking service in order to make the most of his/her resources. You are also liable to operate separate accounts for the school activities, clubs, PTA funds, school trips accompanied with a deposit account which will eminently assist you to make the most of any surplus funds.

With the recent technological innovations, internet banking has become a pre requisite for this tech savvy generation. It caters you the utmost facility to maintain surveillance on your account from the utter comfort and leisure of your home at any point of time. You will be further benefited with the option of excluding third party payments according to your wish. Along with that, it competently assists a student while transferring the existing Lloyds TSB account into the school banking one, averting all the hindrances.

Apart from this, a dedicated branch manager is always there to provide you with the necessary guidance and solution to all the queries and concerns related to your account.

Now you can save both the time and effort that you have put into while collecting money from your parents. The ParentPay facility allows all the parents to pay online just by holding the mouse for a few seconds.

The Managed Payroll service plays a pivotal role in enhancing the payroll and pension processes accompanied with the modified service of education payroll recommended by Ceridian.


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