Lloyds TSB Save the Change

Published on 27 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Lloyds TSB Save the Change can truly be considered as one of the most convenient modes of saving your hard earned income. It makes saving so easy, that you will literally forget that you are even doing the same. Save the change account helps you to uncomplicated your savings.

What benefits can you expect from Lloyds Save the Change?

It caters an individual with the Lloyds TSB VISA debit card which efficiently summarizes the appropriate amount which he/she has spent, to the nearest pound and automatically transfers the difference from the current account into an entitled Lloyds TSB savings account. Save the change is usually offered either by the Lloyds TSB Bank plc or Lloyds TSB Scotland plc, acquainting with the requirements of your current account.

In addition, you are not only eligible to access your own savings accounts but can also recommend the same for your family members. You are further liable to access Save the Change at any point of time according to your wish via internet banking.

The Save the Change is widely accessible in most of the Lloyds TSB savings account excluding the Child Trust Fund, Monthly Saver, Term Deposits and all those products which are registered under ISA. However, a person should keep in note that he/she can only formulate Save the Change transfers when the current account is accredited.

How to register?

While registering for Save the Change, an individual must possess the Lloyds TSB current account accompanied with an appropriate savings account. And in case, if you don’t have the aforesaid attributes, there is no need to worry at all. Now you are whole heartedly welcomed to open an eligible savings account by accessing the privileges of the internet and phone banking and even from the local branches according to your utmost convenience.


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