Lloyd’s TSB Joint accounts

Published on 22 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

A joint account is simply an account in the name of two or more persons. You can very well convert your existing account to a joint account by simply adding a person to the account or may open a joint account with another designated person.

What are the benefits and features of the Lloyd’s TSB Joint accounts?

Joint accounts can be easily used for shopping, rental, mortgage or other things. This gives a convenient platform to pursue your desired transactions. With a joint account you are both eligible to get a cheque book and Visa debit card so that it is convenient for both of you to purchase your goods as you wish. You can easily maintain your existing account and opt for a Lloyd’s TSB Joint account .Here you can pursue mobility of funds between the accounts and easily pursue your transactions.

What are the things to consider with Lloyd’s TSB Joint accounts?

Though there are immense benefits in opening joint accounts but at the same time huge responsibilities will be inflicted on your shoulders. With a joint account each of the people is responsible and can issue cheques, avail cash at cash machines and use individual debit cards for purchases. Both the account holders are responsible for any overdrafts even if only one of the two people withdrew the excess balance from the account. In normal circumstances credit reference agencies will link your account with a financial link. These will automatically affect any financial crisis or updates pertaining to both holders of the joint accounts.

How to close a joint account?

If at any circumstances you wish to close the joint account or remove someone from the holding of the joint account you can very easily write or avail telephone or visit any branch of the institution to notify the same.

How to apply for the account?

You can add someone to your account by visiting your nearest branch.


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