Lloyds TSB Islamic Business Account

Published on 27 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Lloyds TSB Islamic Business Account provides you the ultimate confidence in order to administer all the banking and related affairs in such a manner which has been approved by the Shariah.

Keeping in note about the needs and requirements of all the customers, the Islamic business account efficiently exempts you from paying all kinds of taxes and other monthly fees. The Shariah approved business account restricts itself from earning any interest on the credit balances and all the deposited funds are not being used for any non-Shariah and interest based business activities.

Being an account holder, you are supposed to keep a minimal balance of ₤1 every month. And in case, the account balance falls below the requisite minimal one, then an individual is supposed to pay the Business Extra Tariff on all the transactions made during the charging cycle.

By depositing such a minimum amount in your account each month, you can enjoy various facilities. You can trust the transparent operations and convenient business policies undertaken by the bank and enjoy full benefits of immediate access to your money. You also have the benefits of cheque book and paying-in book.

Apart from this, it also provides a convenient and flexible mode of mitigating all your financial queries and concerns in an effervescent manner. Now you can immediately access all of your funds deposited in the business account. You will be further entitled with the sole authority of making payments by the business debit card. A person can even access to a multiple range of online banking products, which eminently permits him/her to view all the informations regarding the account and even make payments online.

How to apply?

An individual can apply for a Lloyds TSB Islamic Business Account either by phone or visiting any of the local branches.


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