Lloyds TSB Graduate Account

Published on 21 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

Being a graduate, an individual must possess an account that will provide him/her the necessary platform to unleash the potentials vivaciously. The Lloyds TSB Graduate Account is certainly not an exception in this regard, as it caters you with all those amenities and privileges that you have always yearned for.

What benefits can you get from your Graduate account?

After completing the graduation, a person can definitely apply for interests free Planned Overdraft of nearly ₤2,000 in the initial twelve months. Again, in the second and third years, the overdraft limits will be reduced to ₤1,500 and ₤1,000 respectively.

Again, the graduate loan caters you with all the necessary assistance that might be beneficial for you while settling in a new lifestyle. It includes- expenditures for buying and maintenance of cars, a new flat and various other accessories.

Apart from this, the Graduate account also provides you with a Lloyds TSB credit card, an eminent and appropriate substitute of carrying cash into your wallet. By using this card, now you will be able to pay directly from your savings account. Even while you are traveling abroad, you are entitled to access the TSB credit card in all the retail outlets, restaurants and hotels available worldwide.

It also deals with an impeccable and astounding service of internet banking. Now, a graduate can administer his/her account at any point of time with utmost convenience and flexibility.

The Mobile Banking service actively provides you with Weekly Balance Alerts and often plays a pivotal role in checking your finances efficiently. You can also grant the privileges of top up service for the pay as you go mobile phones according to your wish.

How to apply?

While applying for the Lloyds TSB Graduate Account, you are supposed to be a permanent UK resident accompanied with a graduation degree from any university of the country.


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