Lloyds TSB Fixed Rate Cash ISA

Published on 24 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

Now you can make your money work hard by investing in the Lloyds TSB Fixed Rate Cash ISA, which comes with a fixed tenure of tax saving unit. You can very well earn amounts up to 30000 pounds or more with a rate of 2.90% AER averting all kinds of tax fees. It is really easy to open and you need not pay any taxes on the interest accrued from your savings. You can also transfer your existing ISAs to maximize the potential of earnings on your savings.

What are the features and benefits of the account?

The account is formulated with interest rate being fixed from the day the account becomes operational. Interest is generally calculated daily and paid on yearly basis or at the time of maturity of the account operation. Moreover all existing ISA s can be transferred to Lloyds abiding by the simple procedures of ISA transfer form application. There is continued growth potential with fixed rate of interest, which is accrued in compliance with standard changeable cash ISA saver that excludes the bonus rate pertinently. Now it’s really easy to manage the account through online or phone banking. You can also avail the services at any of the branches located near you. You can very well save a designated amount up to 5100 pounds each tax year. The account comes with fixed interest rates where you can easily earn up to 2.90% AER per Tax free on amounts of 30000 pounds or more which is usually fixed for a period of twenty four months from the day of account opening. You can very well earn up to 2.60% AER per Tax-free on amounts from £15,000 to £29,999.

How to apply for the account?

To apply for the account you must be at least 16 years of age and a UK resident. You must also provide the national insurance number to the institution.


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