Lloyds TSB eSavings Account

Published on 23 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Lloyds TSB eSavings Account endows their customers with lucrative interest rates and ardently assists you to save some of the valuable and precious possessions of your life.

What benefits can you expect from your eSavings Account?

Now, an individual is entitled to earn a profitable interest rate of 1.60% AER/Gross by depositing a minimal amount of ₤1 and a massive rate of 2.50% on all the balances up to ₤10,000 or more than that. In addition, all the aforementioned rates consist of a fixed introductory bonus of nearly 1.50% AER on all tiers for the initial twelve months after opening the e-Savings account. All the interests will be paid on an annual basis.

Again, with the advancement in the recent technological innovations, the internet and phone banking services have attained a vast popularity amongst the masses. It caters you with utmost convenience as now you can mitigate all your queries regarding the account at any point of time just by holding the mouse for a few seconds.

The eSavers Account further provides you with the privilege of instantaneous transfers from one account to another. You are also fervently authorized to name the account according to your wish.

Being an eSavings customer, you are also liable to grant the various privileges and amenities of Lloyds TSB services. Once you register yourself for Save the Change offer, all of your expenditures from the Lloyds TSB visa debit card will be efficiently summarized and spent to the nearest pound. After that the estimated difference will be automatically transferred into your savings account without any hassles.

How to apply?

While applying for a Lloyds TSB eSavings account, an individual must be 16 years old or more than that and must possess a current account with the Lloyds Group.


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