Lloyds TSB eBond

Published on 24 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

Now an individual can be rest assured by the portfolio offered for his/her investments in the institution. Keep your worries at bay by investing in Lloyds TSB eBond with an affixed interest amount for 3 years. It’s simple to understand an account and decide when you wish to get your interest paid. The interest is paid at the rate of 3.75% AER/ gross. Are you looking for monthly interest payment or a yearly lump sum amount? All depends on your decision. You can sleep tight .The rate is generally fixed on the basis of full term so you need not worry about variable rates.

What are the features and benefits of Lloyds TSB eBond account?

You can easily save your desired amount for a period of three years without worries of rate fluctuations and other parameters. Now it’s simple to open a Lloyds TSB eBond account and decide when you wish to get your interest paid. It may be paid on monthly basis to increase your income potential or annually as a hefty sum.

You can easily nominate your interest shoot out. It may be a designated current account and a valid savings account including Monthly Saver, Term Deposits and Child Trust. Now you can easily save a varied amount from a limit of £2,000 to the amount of £1,000,000.It should be carefully noted that your locking period doesn’t qualify you to withdraw money at any circumstances. Rates are generally fixed for the period of the deposit giving your worries a breather. You can always find a helping hand with Lloyds eBond Savings help Team on 0845 603 2636.The account cannot be strictly started as a joint account under any circumstances.

How to apply?

An individual can open his/her account with a deposit amount from £2,000 to £1,000,000 accompanied with a current account and a chequebook. You can also open it online, just sparing a few seconds from your packed schedule.


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