Lloyds TSB Easy Saver

Published on 23 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Lloyds TSB Easy Saver eminently caters with a simple and trouble free methodology in front of all the customers. Now, an individual is being entitled to open an account by depositing a minimal amount of ₤1 and can immediately start saving all the hard earned possessions achieved throughout his/her life.

Features and Benefits

A profitable interest rate of 1.60% AER/Gross is being provided to all of its customers to a large extent. It mainly consists of an attractive bonus rate of 1.50% AER for the preliminary twelve months after opening the account.

Again, the Easy Saver efficiently pays a gross interest rate of 1.5% annually on all the balances which are more than ₤1. However, a person should keep in mind that this offer is valid till 31st December 2010.

Once you register for the internet banking service, you are liable to administer all your savings and information regarding the account 24 hours a day from the utter comfort and leisure of your home. In addition, by accessing the online banking service you will be able to administer and mitigate all your concerns regarding the Lloyds TSB current account in an effective manner.

Apart from this, the Phone banking facilities provides you with an immediate access of the Easy Saver account from any corners of the globe.

Even without possessing a Lloyds TSB current account, a person is now being entitled to supervise his/her deposited funds through the registered Lloyds TSB Cashpoints and all the branch networks spread nationwide.

The Easy Saver account actively provides you with a standing order payment into your account. it plays a fundamental role in informing you about the constant growth of your savings.

How to apply?

In order to grant all the privileges of the Lloyds TSB Easy Saver account, you just need to surpass the barrier of 16 years.


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