Lloyds TSB Club, Charity & Society

Published on 28 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Lloyds TSB Club, Charity & Society endows with a free and convenient banking facility for all those organizations which devotes itself in working for the community. It also caters with a proficient relationship manager in respect of mitigating all your needs and requirements.

If you engage yourself in setting up a small club, charity or society, the Lloyds TSB Treasurer’s account will be the first and foremost choice.

While opening a treasurer account, you don’t need to spend a single penny from your wallet and will be exempted from all other charges. Thus, all the daily credit and debit entries are absolutely free. However, if an individual applies for the additional services, such as, BACS, Direct debit, Bulk payments and others, a minimal amount of charge will be pertinent. In addition, no minimum amount of balance is required while opening a treasurer’s account.

You will be provided with free monthly statements in regard of supervising your deposited funds frequently. You can even grant the privileges of free presentation cheques, whenever you want to engross yourself in donating massive amount of funds or award a major prize.

If you want to set up a bigger club, charity or society, the business account for the new organizations will be the appropriate one. It proffers free daily banking service for a scheduled period of 18 months, the sole objective being to modify and enhance your organization at the fullest. There hardly exists any kind of limitations on the number of withdrawals and deposits and all the top notch non-profit organizations with earnings of more than ₤50,000 are not supposed to incur high charges.

In addition, when the free banking period concludes, a minimal amount of Business Extra Tariff will be charged for which you can earn credit interests. You are also liable to access the Electronic Business Tariff which consists of lower cost charges for all sorts of transactions.


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