Lloyds TSB Cash ISA Saver

Published on 23 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Lloyds TSB Cash ISA Saver efficiently caters an individual with an immediate access of money for all those unanticipated rainy days. You just need to abide by a simple procedure while opening this account and at the same time you will be exempted from paying any taxes on the interests which you have earned till date.

Features and Benefits:

The Cash ISA Saver account provides their customers with a lucrative interest rate of 2.35% AER averting all sorts of taxes. The aforesaid rate also includes an introductory bonus of 1.35% AER for the initial twelve months after opening the account.

In addition, now a person can make cash withdrawals by depositing a minimal amount of ₤1 in his/her ISA Saver account. You will be further provided with the opportunity of setting up regular payments into the ISA from your current account, without any sort of difficulties.

With the advent of the online banking facility, each and every individual can now administer and mange his/her ISA Saver, just by sitting in front of the PC for a few seconds. However, in respect of accessing this privilege, first of all you need to register for the internet banking.

Again, an individual doesn’t need to put the full amount of the ISA allowance into the Cash ISA saver account. He/she is being entitled to save a small amount or can even access the account like a regular savings one by paying an exact amount of ₤425 each and every month. Henceforth, you can efficiently save a massive amount of ₤5,100 in each financial year. However, there lies a subtle difference between the Cash ISA and the other savings accounts. Once you have paid the Cash ISA allowance, you are not liable to replace even a single penny that you have withdrawn before.


To apply for the Lloyds TSB Cash ISA Saver, you must be a permanent resident of UK and above16 years of age.


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