Lloyd’s TSB Cash Account

Published on 22 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

Lloyd’s TSB cash account carries great benefits; value added services and freedom to strategize your financial pros and cons. It has huge reward programs, loyalty benefits and modules to make your financial movements deliver with ease.

How to mange Lloyd’s TSB cash account with internet banking?

Internet banking gives you the flexibility to access your account 24 hours, 7 days a week. Moreover it’s operated on secure platform with great service oriented features to compliment. To register yourself in internet banking you need to simply log on to http://www.lloydstsb.com/internet_banking.asp?link=ibreg or take the facility of phone banking.

How to qualify and the eligibility benchmarks?

When you wish to apply for the account, the institution will make some credit checks which is a normal procedure. The institution can still open an account if you have a poor credit history to supplement. But an individual should be cautious in the sense that if his/her credit reference agency pronounces that the former possesses a history of fraud or bankrupt which belongs to undercharged category, the institution will not liable to consider the application.

Henceforth, while applying for the account, you should possess a current United Kingdom/European Economic Area photo driving license or signed passport of yours is strictly mandatory. You also need to bring along with you, your European Union National identity card accompanied with a current passport with valid UK visa issued by Australia, Hong Kong, United States of America, Japan or South Africa.

In any circumstances, if a person fails to provide the aforesaid documents he/she will be asked to bring in the documents like benefits or pensions notification proof to guarantee the claimed benefits. You can also bring along your current UK non photo driving license or your blue disabled driver’s pass. As proof of address you can bring along bank or building society documents.


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