Lloyds TSB Advantage Saver

Published on 23 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Lloyds TSB Advantage Saver account is an exclusive package for all the Silver, Gold, Platinum and Premier Added Value current account holders.

Features and Benefits

By opening an Advantage Saver account, all AVA customers can now enjoy a massive interest rate of 1.80% AER/Gross on the deposited funds starting from ₤1. It also consists of an introductory bonus rate of 0.80% AER for a scheduled period of twelve months after opening the account.

Again, the Advantage Saver account does not circumscribe any limitations on your savings and eminently caters you with utmost liberty and enormous privileges. In addition, now you can instantly access your funds from all the existing branches spread throughout the nation. You are also entitled to withdraw the necessary amount of money from all the registered cash points and even via phone and internet banking facilities, averting all sorts of withdrawal charges.

Apart from this, now you can possess the sole authority of choosing when to have your interests paid. It can either be on a monthly basis in respect of enhancing the income, or yearly to provide a massive boost to your savings.

Being an Advantage Saver account holder, an individual can grant all the privileges of the Lloyds TSB services vivaciously.

Now, you can easily rename your account, such as, rainy day, holiday or simply savings according to your necessities and requirements. In respect of accessing this facility, you just need to register yourself in the internet banking and you will be entitled to effectively change the nickname according to your wish.

Again, by using the savings transfers form, now you can efficiently transfer the money from a non Lloyds TSB account to your nearest branch.


As long as you possess a Silver, Gold, Platinum and similar sort of accounts, you can eminently enjoy all the facilities of the Lloyds TSB Advantage Saver without any adversities.


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