Pre-paid MasterCard

Published on 16 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

With time flying off in its own accord and your plans taking shape in high speed motion, all you need is the Pre-paid MasterCard to resolve your money matters.

How to apply for your Pre-paid MasterCard?

All customers thinking about buying a card are redeemed of paying the card purchasing fee. Even the card is delivered to the applicant free of cost. The only standing criterion a client has to fulfill would be depositing minimal balance in your card. For activation of your card you need an initial balance of just €15 or $20.The maximum amount that you can load initially would be €450.00 or $600.00. You can later load your preferred amount of money which should not exceed €7,500.00 or $10,000.00. You can utmost refill your card twice a day. Being a prepaid MasterCard, it reduces the vital risks of getting indebted.

Furthermore credit histories and credit ratings are beyond consideration as per the company rules. Registrations for new cards are mostly done through the online application form available in the official site. As soon as you are signing your just delivered mastercard, your card gets initialized. You might have to sign the usual declaimer statement as well as the issued terms and condition formats to complete application procedures. All UK residents above 18 years of age qualify for getting the MasterCard.

In addition to the easy to apply standards and the first choice benefits coming along with the card, one can vouch upon the security system facilitated by the card service providers. Your spending capacity is never limited to a specific period of time. If you are incapable to spending off the balance in the present month for instance, you can keep using the accumulated balance for the forthcoming months. You can now access your Pre-paid MasterCard even through your online personal account and learn about your balance details through mobile services and sms alerts.


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