Kube Card

Published on 8 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

A Kube Card can truly be denoted as an effective medium which mitigates all your financial needs and concerns and caters you the sole authority over your account. Technically speaking, it’s not at all a credit card by which you will be able to pay all your transactions and there will be a gradual hike of interest rate. And even it’s also not a debit card, which is attached with your bank account and you might receive extra charges. Thus, it implies that by accessing this card it’s not possible for an individual to become overspent or get into debt, instead he/she is liable to spend that particular amount of money which has been loaded into their savings account. And, in this way it eminently restricts you from all kinds of profligate expenditures and caters with a financial stability.

Features and Benefits:

The Kube Card brings in front of you with a unique load and go policy. Now you can effectively load all the funds into your card by paying the required amount of cash at any Paypoint retailer. You can also perform a direct bank transfer from your account and even let the employer to pay your wages directly into the Card without any kind of hindrances.

Apart from these, a person can also use his/her Kube Card while shopping securely over the internet, by mail order, phone and in any shop registered by the MasterCard acceptance mark. You can even withdraw the required cash from all the ATM cash machines both in UK and abroad in an effervescent manner.

The Kube Card further provides you 24/7 online facilities, through which you can check your balance, details of the recent transactions and even standing orders according to your utmost convenience.

How to apply?

An individual must surpass 18 years of age to activate his/her Kube Card. However, there is hardly any necessity of an existing bank account.


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