JB Maestro Prepaid Card

Published on 8 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The JB Maestro Prepaid Card provides you the ultimate freedom to purchase commodities from nearly nine million locations and withdrawing cash from one million ATMs all around the world. Hence, an individual is only being allowed to spend from his/her balance, circumscribing all sorts of extravagant expenditures and purchases.

Features and benefits:

The JB card vivaciously permits you to store all the savings in your eccount with utmost security. In addition, only you and the authorized users related with you can only access the money from your savings account.

You can even use the JB card while shopping online, paying bills, buying goods from the retailed and high street stores and various other activities. You are also being facilitated with the option of withdrawing cash from innumerable number of ATMs, located both in United Kingdom and overseas.

If you wish, you can also top up your mobile phone from any part of the world and can even receive your remuneration or wages directly into your account or cash cheques accompanied with the JB card. The due balance will be also paid automatically into your eccount or card without any hassles.

The JB prepaid card is undoubtedly one of the most convenient ways to manage your budgets and expenditures in an efficient manner. An individual can play a pivotal role in adding cards to his/her eccount while apportioning the funds for a particular purpose and budget it in an appropriate manner. For instance, by adding a card you can definitely allocate all the money from your eccount, either for paying the bills or the weekly shopping allowances. Henceforth, there exist enormous opportunities and scopes to organize your budget and funds in a refined way.

How to apply?

While applying for a JB Maestro Prepaid Card, it’s not necessary to possess a bank account and there are even no credit checks. All you need is the identity and residential proof to activate your account and enjoy all of its dispensations.


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