IFX Prepaid MasterCard

Published on 17 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The IFX MasterCard is a Prepaid Currency Card which can be accessed from over 28 million locations available worldwide, including 1.5 million cash machines exhibiting the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.

The MasterCard in collaboration with the IFX eccount caters you with utmost security and convenience while making payments and traveling in the overseas.

What benefits can you expect from the IFX Prepaid MasterCard?

While accessing the MasterCard, you will be able to receive enormously competitive exchange rates and can even save the necessary amount of funds while purchasing from abroad.

The MasterCard is also widely available in EUR and USD, mitigating all your needs and requirements. All the USD and EUR cards can be easily accessed from the same eccount.

Again, a minimal amount of ₤5000 needs to load in your eccount balance while accessing the MasterCard.

The MasterCard can truly be regarded as one of the most secured and convenient alternative instead of carrying cash or traveler cheques.

Apart from all these, you are also entitled to administer and supervise all the deposited funds even while traveling abroad, via SMS, phones and internet.

In addition, the Chip and PIN facilities will further protect you from all sorts of adversities, including the fraudulent activities and illegal transactions.

An individual can also recharge his/her IFX MasterCard by accessing the credit or debit card in an effective manner. First of all, you need to register the card with the customer care and make sure that you wait at least 72 hours after the registration, before accessing the card to recharge either for your IFX card and eccount. However, for security purposes, IFX acclaims only those top ups which has been registered for the MasterCard secure code and verified by VISA.

Apart from this, you can also top up the IFX MasterCard while transferring funds from any bank account exempting all sorts of charges.


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