ICICI Supersaver Savings Account

Published on 26 October 2010 by Raffick Marday

You can be benefited with an attractive interest rate on your savings account and yet have the feasibility of withdrawing your funds whenever you want without any penalty. The ICICI Supersaver Savings Account is the kind of offer the bank provides us which in many ways are helpful to the account holder. This account is very useful as it gives an easy accessibility to your savings account. You can receive the interest on your savings account on a monthly basis.

On having linked the savings account with your current account you can transfer your funds from your current account to your savings account whenever required. For such service you do not have to physically visit your bank. An online request will be enough. Hence, you could even navigate your funds and make your banking transactions online, making it much easier for a busy man. You are entitle to receive a variable rate of up to 0.75% AER which is even tax free hence your savings account is getting additional benefit thus giving you extra happiness.

This account even gives you an instant and round the clock access to your account. This way you can maintain both the account as per your requirement. A regular monthly transfer of fund could also be set up with your account. You have the facility of phone banking whereby you can do your banking transactions through your bank by calling in the toll free number of your relevant bank. This is a savings account which gives us so many facilities and provides us with services which do make our day to day working easy. Modern civilization is really blessed with such banking system that not only helps their account holder but works hard to make life smoother for them. ICICI Supersaver Savings Account is one such format which is indeed helpful for the account holder.


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